Five tips to choose the best company for property maintenance

It's summer and you are enjoying vacational time in your villa in Spain. But what will happen when the holidays are over and you need to look for someone to manage your property? There are so many companies offering their services, but there is always something missing. We will tell you what is important to pay attention to.

1. Write a list of the services you would like to contract. The first step to be happy with the house management is to know exactly what you want.

2. Compare 3 o more companies. Analize the costs and the content of their offer. Look for references and listen to your intuition.

3. Be sure you will always have the reports with photos and all the documents scanned and prepared for when you ask for them.

4.  Get informed about the extra services you can enjoy on a special price. Sometimes you can take advantage of really usefull offers like contracting a driver for you o taking your clothes to the laundry.

5. It's quite important to find a manager speaking you language. It will make you feel more secure and will permit you to control better all the aspects.

Keep calm and be sure you house is in 
 good hands!


Invest with us!

Did you know that Banus Group gives a really great price to those who buy their properties on the construction phase? Don´t miss the opportunity and invest with us!



Our spectacular project in Mirador el Paraíso, consisting in 2 modern villas, is already SOLD OUT!! We are happy and proud of our team! We are convinced that the fact that the two houses were sold in the first five months from the beggining of the project is a great result. Now, after we have proved our professionality, we are looking forward to meet new investors, new projects and new ideas!



Let us announce that Banus Group is starting with a new kind of services: Property Maintenance. If you have properties in Spain, but you are living in other country, or you are a Spanish resident, but travel a lot, surely you will enjoy our idea.

We will take care of your property while you are away. We will make control visits, send you detailed reports, represent you in the community-meetings and manage your bills. If you need to repair something, to prepare your garden for the summer season, to clean your swimming pool or to employ home -staff, we will be there to help you with all these tasks.

You can trust in Banus Group, because we are serious and formal and we appreciate a lot the confidence of our clients. Contact us for more information!



Recently, the Spanish Property Market has stabilized again, and, due to this, mortgage conditions are improving. We suggest you read the latest news for 2017.
In Spain, all banks are considering a variant of cooperation with foreign borrowers. This is the most famous bank in the country, La Caixa - the analogue of the Russian Sberbank, and the major banks Popular, BBVA, Santander, Bankinter, Sabadell, Bankia.
The lowest interest now in Bankia - from 1.7% per annum, and in Sabadell - the fastest service, the expectation of response is a maximum of 2-3 days, and the decision of the bank comes in 2-3 weeks.

The loan is issued for real estate of any price category. The price, as a rule, is not limited. The main thing is that the buyer can confirm its solvency.
Excellent news in 2017 - since this spring, banks noticeably soften the terms of the loan for foreign buyers. Previously, the borrower required an initial payment of at least 40-50% of the price of the property. Now some banks give up to 80% of the value. As a rule, mortgages in Spain are given for 20-30 years. These conditions are mutually beneficial for both: banks and borrowers. Thus, the rate paid by the buyer is not high, and the bank provides itself with the client for a long time.

The buyer sets priorities himself  - to finish with payments quickly, or  to reduce the monthly fee. The contract prescribes the possibility of early repayment. Each bank has its own conditions, but usually fines range from 0.01% to 2%. Some banks are forbidden to repay ahead of schedule within the first five years.

Loan repayment occurs from a personal account opened in the same bank to which the mortgage is attached, as well as utility bills and taxes. The payer does not need to track the required date and make payment personally, this happens automatically. The only thing that you need to follow is that you always have a positive balance on your account.


Summer news from Banus Group

Banus Group is getting ready for the high season 2017 with new promotions and new offers for its’ customers. All the team is looking forward to start the summer 2017 with positive energy and new ideas!
We are starting 5 significant construction projects now, 2 of them are turn-key projects that are expected to be completed this year. We are sure that there is no other offer on the Costa del Sol market with the same characteristics, like five-star location, absolute perfection in every detail and solid quality - all this within a very reasonable price.
As it comes to the real estate area, we are focusing quite a lot on the theme of the short and long term renting. Our philosophy is individual and very personalized treat for every customer, so we pay a lot of attention to every little wish and warrantee that everything will be organized in the best way. This method of working differs us a lot from many other agencies that sometimes lose the quality of their services trying to get all the possible benefit of the high season.
We know that our customers are busy and hard-working people, that put in our hands the most important things: their home, the family-time, the safety and the comfort, so we do our best to give them the best service and to be worth of their confidence.
We have exclusive and unique properties for sale and for rent, so if you are looking for a Spanish home o just haven’t found yet the accommodation for this summer, please send us your request and let us take over all the necessary formalities and find for you the variant you will really love.


Idylic Spanish Landscape

Have you ever thought about living a quiet and idylic life in harmony with nature and no need to renounce the advantages of a big city? It seems to be impossible, but it's really very easy to achieve.

There is no place like costa del Sol, when we speak about green landscapes, pure air, long walks by the sea-shore and healthy Mediterranean diet. You can enjoy all the advantages of this ecological area and at the same time have an intense social and cultural life.

We have years of experience in building all types of properties in Marbella, the heart of Costa del Sol and its' surroundings and we are sure that it's difficult to find a better place to live.

The area is getting more and more popular among the tourists and investors and it offers a great variety of properties to choose.

Have a look at this stunning panoramic views from one of our villas. It offers a really unique location and spectacular surroundings. This foto is to publish it with the #nofilter tag, because the natural beauty of  the area doesn´t need to be edited!