Five tips to choose the best company for property maintenance

It's summer and you are enjoying vacational time in your villa in Spain. But what will happen when the holidays are over and you need to look for someone to manage your property? There are so many companies offering their services, but there is always something missing. We will tell you what is important to pay attention to.

1. Write a list of the services you would like to contract. The first step to be happy with the house management is to know exactly what you want.

2. Compare 3 o more companies. Analize the costs and the content of their offer. Look for references and listen to your intuition.

3. Be sure you will always have the reports with photos and all the documents scanned and prepared for when you ask for them.

4.  Get informed about the extra services you can enjoy on a special price. Sometimes you can take advantage of really usefull offers like contracting a driver for you o taking your clothes to the laundry.

5. It's quite important to find a manager speaking you language. It will make you feel more secure and will permit you to control better all the aspects.

Keep calm and be sure you house is in 
 good hands!

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