Summer news from Banus Group

Banus Group is getting ready for the high season 2017 with new promotions and new offers for its’ customers. All the team is looking forward to start the summer 2017 with positive energy and new ideas!
We are starting 5 significant construction projects now, 2 of them are turn-key projects that are expected to be completed this year. We are sure that there is no other offer on the Costa del Sol market with the same characteristics, like five-star location, absolute perfection in every detail and solid quality - all this within a very reasonable price.
As it comes to the real estate area, we are focusing quite a lot on the theme of the short and long term renting. Our philosophy is individual and very personalized treat for every customer, so we pay a lot of attention to every little wish and warrantee that everything will be organized in the best way. This method of working differs us a lot from many other agencies that sometimes lose the quality of their services trying to get all the possible benefit of the high season.
We know that our customers are busy and hard-working people, that put in our hands the most important things: their home, the family-time, the safety and the comfort, so we do our best to give them the best service and to be worth of their confidence.
We have exclusive and unique properties for sale and for rent, so if you are looking for a Spanish home o just haven’t found yet the accommodation for this summer, please send us your request and let us take over all the necessary formalities and find for you the variant you will really love.