Marbella triumphs in th MITT 2017 in Moscow.

 Marbella is participating in MITT 2017 with its’ own stand of 50 square meters! The main goal of this beautiful area is to fortify its’ positions on the developing Russian market, that offers high purchasing power and increasing interest for the residential tourism.

Marbella has always been a brand and now it’s time to promote it like a travelling destination and like a perfect area for investment. 
Of course, there are important rivals like Catalonia and Alicante, but the segment is not the same. Marbella distinguishes by the exclusivity and luxurious tourism and real-estate and is frequented by those who are looking for something really special.

As it comes to the Russian market, it is getting to be more and more stable again and the main tour operators give very positive foresights. The Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, Alla Manilova payed special attention to the stand of Marbella and received an official invitation from the Marbella Mayor.

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